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"I coulda dropped my croissant"





She’s Coal Tiger / Coal Seraph / Silver

I can’t be arsed to try and sell her for under 300k so I’m just going to give her away. Reblog with your username, ID, and tell me I’m pretty. Her new owner will be chosen… ….when I’m not being lazy. It’ll be before the end of the week, I swear…well that or if someone really does want to buy her for 300k

You are gorgeous! :) And my username is Annatastic 35467

So I’m already in love with Flight Rising. The coliseum is pretty awesome.

Question: Is it possible to grind in the coliseum with using magic instead of physical abilities? My two dragons came with magic abilities and I’m trying to level them up so I figured I could build from that. But will grinding take longer when I get them at a decent level?



So, Flight Rising has another registration window coming up tomorrow!

I’d been hoping to be able to have a giveaway for the next batch of new players, since I was able to participate in a giveaway when I first joined during the 9-3 window. :)
Sadly, I have nothing “rare” to give, but! Some…

This is so kind of you :D

Username: Annatastic

ID: 35467

Hello! Zuko here.

Lmao OH GOD IT’S STILL SO AWKWARD! I love Zuko so much <3

Just let him in the group guys! Let him in. He just wants to love you.

I just want to make a flight rising account. That’s all I want. I’ve been stalking the website and clicking ‘sign up’ everyday hoping it’ll finally be open again.

I’ve also been stalking the tag and there are so any beautiful dragons! Please please let it be open soon.

→ wots a neopets: blastortoise: SO it’s that time again, I’ve decided to do another...



SO it’s that time again, I’ve decided to do another giveaway but make this one better than the last one. The reason behind this is this site has been allowed me to meet some great people and somehow I ended up hitting over 3k followers so in order to celebrate my followers…

Me: Oh my gosh I really love Gwaine and Percival. Please don’t let them die!

And then Gwaine and Percival ride out to find Morgana, by themselves. TT.TT What is this. And then Gwaine dies in Percival’s arms…. TT.TT

And then Arthur dies. And then Merlin lives forever, probably alone? TT.TT

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